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Dysautonomia Resources (temporary)

Marsha Sorenson Doctor of Optometry (vision therapy)
Dr. Barboi Neurologist
Dr. Octavia Kinkaid, Neurologist, North Shore
Dr. David Dickerson, Pain Management, North Shore
Mary Kiolbasa, Occupational Therapist, North Shore
Dr. Leslie Yang, Gastroenterology, North Shore
Catherine Lewan, PT (not accepting new patients)
The CHOP Protocol for POTS (based on perceived exertion, not heart rate for POTS patients) is a key part of PT for most POTS patients.
Here is Dysautonomia International’s physician list:
Here is the Illinois Support group with Dysautonomia International
Lorimer Moseley – has great materials educating the public about the neuroscience of pain.
Explain Pain Handbook
Kristin Neff studies self-compassion, website has great practices.
Tara Brach is a meditation teacher who has hypermobility and combines her western psychology training with Buddhist principles.
Resources courtesy of M. Bagby